How we are different

When you think of accountants most people think of old men in suits and ties, and we most certainly do not fit in that box. We dreamt up 2 Sisters Accounting as a way to escape the rat race and do something we felt truly passionate about. We want to be a source of help and advice for all our clients, and do it in a way that isn't condescending or dull. How do we plan on doing this? Firstly by talking to you like we talk to each other. Why talk in riddles and jargon when we can just chat like normal people. We can tell you exactly what you need to know without boring you with gibberish. We are here to become as involved in your business as you like. We can be here to answer your questions and offer an opinion on any matter, big or small.

Working for ourselves from home means we can be far more flexible with our time and hours. We can meet you outside of traditional offices hours, and answer your questions in the evening when you finally get 5 minutes spare. We are also available on text, email, phone, Skype, WhatsApp and however else you may want to communicate with us. We are also available for meetings at evening and weekends, we can come to you, you to us or we can talk over Skype. Whatever and whenever works, we will try and make it happen.

We also specialise in payroll instead of outsourcing it to an external provider like many traditional accountants. This means you know exactly who is handling your employee data which is incredibly important. Handling the payroll in-house also means you know you are receiving our high level of service, and it helps us keep you up to date with frequently changing payroll legislation.

We are certified with both Xero and QuickBooks online and encourage our clients to consider online bookkeeping software. It means we can keep things up to date, and you can regularly check how you are doing with a few easy clicks!

We offer monthly fixed fees which are designed to keep us in touch with all aspects of your business, so we know it as well as you do. This means we can resolve your queries and provide timely advice. If we spot something you should or shouldn't be doing while we are doing your bookkeeping, we can fix it straight away instead of dumping a load of information on you once a year. The monthly fees also mean we can store all your receipts and invoices, keeping them on file for you. If you're local we will even come and collect them from you. This means you don't have to worry about stashing paperwork away everywhere and desperately hunting it down when year end arrives. Paying monthly also helps you spread the cost of our services over the year, and we offer a discount for monthly payments.

Whether you are just starting a business or going self employed, or you have been doing this for years and are established we can help you manage your business and finances while ensuring you meet your legal obligations.