HMRC No Longer Accepts Personal Credit Cards

As of 13th January 2018 HMRC will no longer accept personal credit cards. This may be a shock to people that paid their personal tax bill by credit card last year and find they are no longer able to this year.

You can still pay by:

  • Online or Telephone Banking

  • Debit Card

  • Direct Debit


  • Cheque

If you find yourself unable to make payment by any of these methods make sure you contact HMRC as soon as possible to discuss other payment options. They will usually try and help you to find the best method to make payment in a way that is suitable to you both.

One of these options is a budget payment plan, which can be put in place if all your payments are up to date when you request the plan.

HMRC can also offer a time to pay arrangement. This is an agreement of set payments over a maximum of 12 month period. This is usually only used in exceptional one off circumstances for particular difficulties. If you are hoping to use this option you will need to make sure you contact HMRC within days of the 31st January payment deadline to avoid a 5% late payment penalty.