Help! What's bookkeeping?!

A downloadable resource to help individuals, start-ups & small businesses with their tax.

Vicki Edwards
Vicki Edwards
Great accountants- professional, friendly, timely, can translate accountant language to lay terms! Would definitely recommend.
Sophie Watson
Sophie Watson
Great accountant - quick and responsive!
Harry Whitcher
Harry Whitcher
I have attended some excellent online training from Two Sisters Accounting. They took a complex subject, regarding accounting for small companies, and gave an easy to understand introduction. If you get the opportunity, talk to them.
Adrian Rigby
Adrian Rigby
These lady's talk a lot of real world sense, and do not believe in making things complicated. Accountancy is not complicated when a knowledgeable person explains it to you in English. Give them a call, business is tough enough without making something more complicated than it need be.
2 Sisters Accounting Ltd are fantastic. Beth who handles my accounts relieves all my stress about finances by always being available to respond to my questions, explaining everything to me in a way that I understand and by working quickly and efficiently. On top of that she is just a lovely person who is truly dedicated to helping small businesses like mine with their accounts. Highly recommended.
Nathaniel Chapman
Nathaniel Chapman
These guys are awesome. Punctual, knowledgeable, and absolutely keep me sane when it comes to my end of year accounts. Strongly recommend them to my entire network and beyond. You will not be disappointed 🙂
Phil Barnes
Phil Barnes
Great efficient service... Always there to help or answer any questions... Highly Recommended 😊
Thuha Wright
Thuha Wright
I used 2SA for my company accounts and they just give me confidence that they have everything in hand. They always help with my questions and put me at ease. They have also been great with their comms during the covid-19 crisis and helping their clients understand what their options are. I would recommend them to any other freelancers setup as a Limited company.
Katie Reis
Katie Reis
I've used 2SA for a couple of years now and have to say I am nothing but impressed. They are a wealth of knowledge and great at keeping me on top of my bits to make my assessments easy. Not your ordinary accountants
Rui Reis
Rui Reis
My wife and I have used 2SA for our end of year accounts. The service was incredibly efficient and friendly. For the first time ever I didn't mind a call with my accountants. Excellent value, service, advice and people. Thank you Beth and Jessie

Understand tax without having to hire an accountant!

In this guide, we cut through the jargon and give you the ability, confidence, and understanding to handle your own tax, without the need to hire an accountant.

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, we could be putting ourselves out of a job! But we’re all about providing value and help where we can.

Get the complete package for only £25.

An introduction to Help! What's Bookkeeping?!

Launching a new business is an incredibly exciting time! But for many small business owners, it also comes with a lot of worries, not to mention, growing pains.

Through building our own business from scratch and working with many start-ups and small businesses over the years, we have experienced these worries firsthand and have answered many a question raised by people just like you.

As well as giving support when things are going well, we have also helped resolve the fallout caused by incorrect information and lack of knowledge. Let’s just say we are pros at fixing things if something has gone wrong.

"I love all the helpful links and definitions and it's really clear and easy to follow. This is great as a novice to business accounting and bookkeeping!"
Becky Wilding-Jones
Coaching Partners

Since we love to make life easier for all of our clients, this guide is designed to give a lot of value broken down into simple, actionable steps.

By reading this guide, you will:

You have great plans for your new business but you find yourself getting stuck on questions like:

If any of these sound familiar, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many small business owners struggle with these questions and not just when they are first starting out.

To make your life easier (and to prevent decision fatigue or analysis paralysis), Help! What's Bookkeeping?! allows you to quickly grasp the financial needs of your business by answering these questions in a clear and concise way. The result?

While this guide is designed to take you through the journey of setting up your business, the decisions you need to make, and the potential implications of your choices, it can’t cover all eventualities.

For advice specific to your business, we’d always suggest that you ask a professional. And if you have any questions, you can always chat them through with us.

What’s included in the download?

Budget & strategy templates

Templates and guidance for planning your business strategy and budget.

Invoicing templates

Templates and guidance for planning your business strategy and budget.

Bookkeeping spreadsheets

Spreadsheets you can use for bookkeeping and a mileage log to get your record-keeping started.

Tax checklists

A timeline and checklist to make sure you have done everything you need to do.

Company formations

An explanation of your choices about whether to form a limited company or stay a sole trader.

Having all these benefits is thirsty work!

Enjoy a glass of water while you read on

Tax calculations

Details of your tax responsibilities and which taxes you will be liable for, including calculations to help you to understand the impact of being a sole trader or limited company. We also explain how you take money out of a company.

VAT guides

The specifics about VAT and when you need to become VAT registered.

Accounts processes

Appendices explaining company accounts and the year-end process for limited companies.

Key HMRC terms

A glossary of keywords that you may come across in conversations with accountants and HMRC.

Reference guides

Quick reference guides for tax-deductible expenses (for both sole traders and limited companies).

Contact details

Useful contact information for agencies you may need to talk to.

Receive instant access to the complete suite of tools and resources…

Get the complete package for only £25.

Help! What’s Bookkeeping?! A resource created by professionals…

Jessie Chivers

Jessie set the bar high from the start, gaining a First Class Degree in Business Management from Cass Business School, City University, London, and graduating in the Top 10% of her class.

And this high level of achievement only continued.

She received global awards for her accounting exam results and became an ACA-qualified accountant having trained in audit at KPMG.

During her time in audit, Jessie gained experience working with numerous businesses of various sizes, all within different sectors. This gave her a good understanding of the problems facing business owners and the key risks when running a company.

Since then, she has worked in finance departments for a flight charter company, was the finance lead for TfL ticketing systems, and worked at a facilities management company.

Beth Jackson

Beth began her career in payroll and tax straight from school and has developed her skills and expertise over the years.

During this time, she has gained qualifications from CIPP, AAT, and CIPD, in payroll, personal tax, business tax, and basic employment law.

Starting off in a payroll bureau and moving into pensions, Beth then did a stint in a global business and spent years learning in an accounting practice. Here she found her passion for personal tax and helping small business owners discover what keeps their business running best.

As you can see, Beth has a wide knowledge base to advise you on. She is a payroll expert which means she actually enjoys helping businesses manage the cost of a growing workforce, and she loves helping businesses streamline their bookkeeping and introducing time-saving strategies that work.

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