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How to choose an accountant?

“What should I look for when I’m picking my accountant?”

1️⃣ Do you like them?

And not in a “OMG BFFS💗👯‍♀️” way. Are you comfortable speaking to them and asking questions? Do you understand their answers? Do they make you feel like you should be stood in the corner in a dunces hat?

Check you can communicate with them, it’s pretty key! They’re the secret to you being solid in your finances.

2️⃣ Are they registered with a practicing body?

I honestly don’t believe being registered makes them a better accountant. But it does provide you with a level of protection if their work is shoddy. And there is some real shoddy work out there.

3️⃣ What are their views on bending tax rules?

Some people love a little magic rule bend. Some don’t. If you want to pay less tax by any means possible then a rule book follower may frustrate you. I am a strict book follower.

4️⃣ Are they going to charge you every time you ask a question?

If you know your stuff, don’t ever what to talk to your accountant and just want your books done, that might work for you. If you’re growing and want someone to be involved, it could get expensive.

5️⃣ Can they actually do what you need? Do they work with businesses like yours?

You might think they’re ace but if you’re an e-commerce shop and they specialise in recruiters they may not know your sector well enough to give the extra knowledge that makes all the difference.

There’s loads more to consider, but I was asked this question yesterday on a call and these were my top tips!

Obviously I’d recommend 2 Sisters Accounting, and you can book a call in with us using the link up top.

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